5 Best Mini Drones

There's no question that quadcopters are taking the world by storm, but they may be too much for some people. That's where mini drones come in. As the technology has advanced, there are also mini drones that contain small video recording devices. Without all the complicated flying and video recording equipment, these little guys can do most of what full-size quads can.

Let's take a look at five of the best mini drones

1: Syma X5C Explorers

The first on the list is the Syma X5C Explorers. The X5C Explorers is a one-of-a-kind drone with an HD camera and pretty good flying ability. Its small size means that it can take some damage due to its protected rotors. The only con of this craft is the battery life, which isn't as long as most people wouldlike it to be. It isn't too big of a problem since you're probably going to buy extras batteries anyways, but for those of you who don't know, this drone has about 5-8 minutes on average per battery. You'll want an extra battery or two if you want longer than 10 minutes. It has a control range of about 100-150 meters (~300 feet) and can go up to speeds of 10 meters per second (22 mph). This drone is suitable for beginners but not for freestyle flying.

2: UDI 818A HD+

The next drone on the list is the UDI 818A HD+. Not only does this thing have an HD camera, but it also has a headless mode and one-touch landing/take-off abilities. It is excellent for new pilots because they won't need to use flight controls, just set it at the proper height and fly around while watching your recording in real-time.

Another special thing about the quadcopter is its ability to go back to the position it took off from with a button push. It can be helpful because you won't need to use GPS to find your quadcopter again after taking it out for flying. Push 'return home and wait for it to get back! The downside is that you will not usethis feature when doing freestyle tricks where bearings are involved. You'll want an accurate bearing if you're trying something like flips or turns over 300 degrees. Once your batteries die, it's still able to land on its own without problems, so no worries about losing your quadcopter.

The UDI 818A HD+ has higher than average controller specs with up to 100 meters (~300 feet) range and average speeds. The camera is not set inside the drone's body, and it's actually on a separate board under the prop guards, which means you won't be getting any recording if your props are damaged (which they will be at some point).

3: HoverBot 2.0

The next craft isn't an actual mini quadcopter but more like an accessory for them. This thing is called the HoverBot 2.0, and all it does is protect your props while you're flying. They're pretty cheap, too, so you might want to consider buying one or two before crashing your quadcopter so often. Unlike other props, these things are very resistant to damage and can take multiple crashes without breaking apart. It's basically like having spherical bodies on your craft, which makes it very difficult to break. It is pretty much the best protection you can get for your props right now without adding too much weight or size to your craft itself.

4: Holy Stone HS160 Shadow

The next quadcopter on the list is the Holy Stone HS160 Shadow. This thing has about 10 minutes of battery life and takes about an hour to recharge! It also comes with a camera that shoots 720p HD videos at 30 fps and photos that are less than 1 megapixel each. The biggest downside of this craft is its range,and it only goes up to 100 meters (~300 feet). There's also no return home function, so you'll have to use a GPS to navigate through the controls.

5: Holy Stone F180C

The last craft on the list is the Holy Stone F180C. The first thing you're going to notice is how similar it looks to other Holy Stone products, and that's because this quadcopter comes with a 720p HD camera attached right above its propellers! In terms of performance, this has higher than average battery life at 12 minutes per battery and can go up to speeds of 10 meters per second (~22 mph). It also includes speed modes that let you set different limits for altitude and speed depending on your skill level. The biggest downside of this copter is that it doesn't come with a memory card for the camera and records at 720p only.

Wrapping Up!

Any of these drones will be an excellent choice for beginners and even some intermediate pilots! Of course, if you're going to fly outside, you'll need a pair of FPV goggles as well. If that's the case, there are some great products out there that record with lower resolutions but provide better performance with less battery consumption. Thanks for reading this article, and wehope it helped you find the best one suitable for your skill level!

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