How does FPV drone work ?

So you’ve seen some incredibly FPV drone videos on YouTube, or even watched the Drone Racing League on TV, or even you met an FPV pilot during a park and that they allow you to try FPV goggles… And now you would like to find out all you'll , and every one you would like to try to to this yourself! you would like to find out about the gear, the talents , the tools… everything!

If this seems like you, you’ve come to the proper place. At Rotor Riot, we love FPV drones - and that we like to share our knowledge with everyone! Getting started with FPV Drones can seem confusing or intimidating, so we’ve created this text to show you the fundamentals .

What Is FPV?
FPV Pilot Flying an FPV Freestyle Drone

FPV stands for “First Person View”.

You might have played with a Radio Control (RC) toy before, like a toy car. Imagine that, rather than watching the vehicle from the surface , you'll be virtually “sitting” inside the vehicle? That’s FPV.

Maybe you’ve played a computer game where you fly an aircraft through a virtual environment. What if, rather than flying a virtual aircraft, you'll be flying a true aircraft through a true environment? That’s FPV!

But how does it work? We’ll dig deeper into this afterward , but to place it simply, you set a camera on a remotely controlled vehicle, that transmits the video it captures, in real time to a display that you simply check out while you control the vehicle.

Joshua Bardwell and Paul Nurkkala Flying FPV Drones with FPV Goggles

While you'll technically install an FPV system on any remote controlled vehicle, like a RC car, RC boat, RC airplane, and more… here at Rotor Riot, it’s all about FPV DRONES!

More About FPV Drones
The word drone has taken on many meanings over the past few decades. But today, the word drone is globally wont to describe the tiny non-manned flying machines that believe multiple propellers to sustain flight.

In technical terms, our FPV Drone are often categorized as multi-rotors. A multi-rotor is an aircraft that flies not by air traveling over wings, but by propellers blowing air downwards. the foremost common multi-rotor type may be a quadcopter, which has four rotors (spinny things). There also are bicopters (2 rotors), tricopters (3 rotors), hexacopters (6 rotors), octocopters (8 rotors), and so on. Unless specified otherwise, you'll assume we’re talking a few quadcopter - a drone with 4 motors.

Fully Built LeDrib Skyeliner FPV Freestyle Drone

What makes a drone so awesome is how versatile its range of movements is. By adjusting the thrust between the motors, the drone can tilt itself and move through the air in any direction. It can hover in situ . It can move sideways. It can move up, and down, and forwards, and backwards.

Now this: we’re putting a camera thereon drone! and therefore the camera transmits the image to a display then to your eyes, so you’re virtually sitting inside the drone!

So you get all that freedom of movement, the liberty of flight, opening the door to creative expression on an unprecedented level. And that’s where it starts to urge exciting!

FPV Drone Freestyle
FPV Freestyle is all about expressing yourself through the movement of your drone, flowing through a landscape or structure and pulling off impressive tricks. quite sort of a skateboarder tearing up a half-pipe or a dancer moving to the music, FPV Freestyle is all about moving through an environment and framing it during a novel and entertaining way, while maybe also doing awesome, physics-defying tricks.

Cinematic FPV Drones
Cinematic FPV Drone flying is closely associated with FPV Freestyle. In fact, the equipment is typically very similar. However, rather than that specialize in stunts and tricks, Cinematic FPV aims to present expansive landscapes, breathtaking scenery, or fast-moving subjects in an aesthetically pleasing way. Cinematic FPV pilots aim to attenuate camera movement, instead of drawing attention thereto like with Freestyle.

FPV Drone Racing
Drone Racing is straightforward to know . Pilots race their drones around a course, and therefore the first one to pass the finishing line wins. Drone Racing tracks are usually built using “gates”, which are rectangular or circular obstacles that the pilots must undergo , also as “flags”, which are vertical obstacles that the pilot must pass between or to at least one side of.

Drone Racing usually appeals to people that are highly competitive, and who like going fast. It’s not uncommon for drone racers to possess enjoyed other sorts of racing previously, like motorcycle or kart racing. Drone Racing is cheaper and physically safer than other racing disciplines, while being even as exciting!

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