DJI Mavic 2 Pro Review

This is the drone pros will love.
The Mavic 2 Pro is really a tone explicatory drone. It’s the drone for pros who are looking for that coming position cinematic image quality. Those who want to travel light but prisoner in the dark. Those who need to capture further dynamic range in harsh lighting conditions, and at those times when you need colors to look just right.

Stillread the Mavic 2 Drone description, If you want to know about the mavic 2 in general. The Mavic 2 Pro has all of the same general features of the Mavic 2 Zoom. features like longer flight times, better handicap avoidance, the LED fill light, Ocusync2.0 and further are all standard on both Mavic 2 models.

The difference is in the Hasselblad Camera
The thing that makes the Mavic 2 Pro stand out from the Mavic 2 Zoom and all the other drones out there's the Hasselbladcamera.However, they ’re a camera company that makes the stylish medium format cameras in the world, If you are n’t familiar with Hasselblad. Hasselblad was actually bought by DJI a while back and now the two companies have worked together to produce the Mavic 2 Pro camera.
This camera has a 1 inch 20 megapixel detector (four times larger than the detector on the Mavic 2 Drone). This gives the Mavic 2 Pro much more low light performance than the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic Air while landing advanced resolution prints. To round the larger detector, the Mavic 2 Pro also has a larger lens with malleable orifice controlsChanging the orifice also allows you to get shots with the background slightly blurred out. It also helps with controlling the exposure more when you want to have a fixed shutter speed.

Having a larger detector is nice, but for me, what really sets the Mavic 2 Pro piecemeal from the other drones out there's the Hasselblad color wisdomIndeed if you do n’t know how to work with colors in your editing software, the colors that come out of this camera are amazing just as they're with you ’re taking filmland or videotape, Hasselblad’s color wisdom is bedded throughout all the firing modes.
Still, this is the drone for you, If you want to shoot log footage.
Still, there’s a setting for that too, If you do like to play with colorUsing Dlog-M (a color profile for videotape) you can shoot a flatter videotape to retain further detail in the murk and highlights. Once you have the footage in your editor, you can also stretch the colors out and make the shot look exactly the way you want with lots of dynamic range and naturalistic colors.

The last point only available on the Mavic 2 Pro is HDR videotape. Unlike the Pantomimist Anafi, this HDR firing mode is for landing true HDR content and outputting to a HDR enabled Television or examiner. This means you wo n’t see the HDR effect unless you have an HDR Television that supports HLG color. You do have the right Television for viewing the footage, this is a really cool firing mode for creating true HDR content.

The only thing that the Mavic 2 Pro lacks is opticzoom.However, you should look at the Mavic 2 Zoom, If you really want drone. There’s actually a crop firing mode for the Mavic 2 Pro that digitally zooms in by1.4 x for getting a more cinematic look, but you ca n’t zoom heft and out while recording like you can on the Mavic 2 Zoom.

Because of the price and the fact that the Mavic 2 Zoom is also a great drone, I ca n’t say that the Mavic 2 Pro is the stylish drone out there, but what I can say is that it’s the best drone forme.However, this is the drone for you, If you want to capture the stylish content possible with a galère drone. If you


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